VOIP Business Trunking

Clients who are looking for services that will help them to boost their functionality while still maintaining cost-effectiveness, STK Networks offers a VoIP Business Trunking service. This Voice over IP Dynamic Business Trunking service works to lower costs and provide a solid communications convergence.

Productivity will increase through streamlined management functions, advanced communications services and dynamic allocation capabilities via the client’s existing telephony hardware. STK Networks consults with each client individually to create a custom telecom solution that will ensure that the VoIP services chosen will be productive and efficient both now and in the future.

STK Networks’ VoIP Business Trunking service offers additional features including:

  • The ability to integrate with existing Key or PBX systems to increase the usability of the client’s current hardware and infrastructure
  • Improved flexibility and functionality through the use of Session Initiation Protocol or SIP
  • High-quality telecom services including local, long distance, four-digit extension dialing and E911
  • No additional charges for internal calls with our multiple site dynamic business trunking services

Of the benefits associated with VoIP Business Trunking, the cost savings associated with using this service make it most advantageous to our clients. STK Networks helps to cut telecom costs by using soft switch technology and carrier-class equipment to achieve expedited deployment through the use of existing PBX or Key system lines and replacing POTS or PRI lines.

Voice and data can both be used with this fully hosted VoIP solution, while facility-based circuit connections help to increase up-time and boost overall performance. The web-based tools that come standard with our dynamic business trunking services help clients to better manage and configure various telecom services more effectively.


VoIP Hosted PBX is a comprehensive telecommunications solution that will help clients to cut costs while optimizing their overall infrastructure through STK Networks. A Hosted PBX solution will be much more powerful and effective than any existing VoIP solutions, which can help customers to end dependency on legacy Key or PBX systems and avoid costly installation of new PBX systems or upgrades.

A VoIP Hosted PBX solution can help to free up technical and staffing resources by improving overall network management and reducing dependence on older technologies that are holding back business growth. Hosted PBX works by supporting new telecom features, services and products without requiring additional expenditures to upgrade the overall system.

Some of the features associated with VoIP Hosted PBX solutions include:

  • Utilizes a converged, private connection that works via dynamically allocated bandwidth and offers high-quality voice service and powerful data transmission
  • Powerful cutting edge IP phones from top manufacturers using leading technologies
  • Boasts end-to-end capabilities and services with a comprehensive system design from procurement through deployment as well as ongoing maintenance and support
  • STK Network’s professionally managed consultation, design and customer support
  • Powerful local, long distance, four-digit extension and E911 dialing with no charge for internal calls
  • Continuity of service providing carrier-class equipment and powerful technology which ensures connectivity in the event of circuit or power failure

In addition to the mentioned features, the Hosted PBX solution from STK Networks can also help clients to get the most out of their existing Key or PBX system telephones for an extremely cost-effective upgrade and migration to the more powerful fully hosted VoIP services. An integrated telecom circuit works to provide convergence of both data and voice, while the web-based management tools help clients to better configure and manage all of their services from one location. Other benefits include enhanced service quality and continuous up-time through improved infrastructure, facility-based circuits and our professional team of engineers and support staff.