One way to expand your reach outside of your local calling area, is to offer Toll Free Services to your customers so they will be able to call whenever and wherever they want at no cost. In fact, offering Toll Free Services is an easy way to boost your return on investment, expand your target demographic and increase overall business.

Our clients who choose to add toll free services to their custom telecom solutions are able to assign specific business functions to those services, such as tech support or customer service direct lines. Low monthly and per-minute rates help to increase the cost savings of this service, which can be used in conjunction with any of our other call management services.

Some of the features associated with Toll Free Services include:

  • Our clients have the ability to bring any existing toll free number with them when the switch to STK Networks from any other long distance service
  • Customers can call in on toll free lines from the United States and Canada
  • Optional routing service available using client-specified variables such as time of day, day of week, etc.
  • Clients can specify termination location routing for all inbound toll free calls

Some other benefits associated with using Toll Free Services include additional cost reduction through the use of discounted calling plans similar to outbound calling plans that are rated according to minimum spending levels for each client’s long distance voice services. Branded “vanity” toll free numbers are an option when available, giving our client’s customers access to a number that is easy to remember and use. All toll free lines can also be listed in the Nationwide Toll Free Directory for additional advertising and increased reach.