Simple Solutions for Small Business

Whether your small business is an established chain or a family-owned start-up, STK Networks has experience creating custom telecom solutions that are packed with small business services and products. We understand the challenges that today’s small business owners face, and our professional team of project managers, engineers and customer care experts will create a unique solution for each client as an individual. We give our clients the tools they need to build their small businesses and plan for future growth, connecting them with suppliers, customers and associates that will give them a competitive edge.

Complete Telecom Solutions

STK Networks provides a comprehensive menu of small business services and products, covering everything from voice, data, Internet and wireless solutions, with a flexible infrastructure that can be easily customized to evolve and grow as needed. Our pricing structure is extremely competitive and allows us to offer our clients a full line-up of advanced, traditional and hybrid custom telecom solutions. We realize the importance of scalability and ensure that each client will have the ability to get the most out of their telecommunications investment.

Local & Long Distance
Toll Free Services
Remote Call Forwarding

Cost-Effective Solutions

STK Networks designs each custom telecom solution with the client’s budget, cost-effectiveness and overall telecom savings in mind, guaranteeing our rates for the entirety of each contract. Our customer care experts are available 24/7/365 with web-based access to reports, invoices and ticket status to ensure that the needs of our small business services clients are taken care of as quickly as possible.