Cost-Effective Telecom Solutions

In addition to providing our clients with advanced products and custom telecom solutions, STK Networks is committed to also ensuring that our clients receive these services at the lowest cost available. The relationships that we have established with top carriers, providers and vendors help us to provide cost-effective telecom solutions that will fit just about any budget.

Finding new ways to achieve telecom savings is a challenge that we eagerly rise to each day. Through the implementation of multiple services via a single carrier, making improvements in overall efficiency of operations and the use of our web-based management portal, clients can cut costs in many different ways without cutting services.

STK Networks helps establish telecom savings by:

  • Negotiating for competitive rates for all locations and services
  • Providing billing that is detailed yet easy-to-read
  • Improving invoice processing to increase efficiency
  • Providing comprehensive reporting of data to help optimize inventory and boost telecom savings
  • Streamlining the help desk procedure to decrease down time

Knowledge is Power: What Drives Costs?

It is important that our clients learn more about telecommunications services so they can understand what drives costs and what can help to increase telecom savings. Unfortunately, traditional telecom billing formats make it hard for businesses to know which services are effective and where cost leaks are occurring.

STK Networks has developed a streamlined billing and reporting format that helps clients to quickly identify potential problems. The web-based management portal gives our clients the opportunity to monitor usage trends, recognize any inappropriate or unauthorized usage of resources and identify new ways to cut costs. Our project managers also work directly with clients to evaluate their existing services to uncover telecom savings and implement more cost-effective telecom solutions.

The STK Networks Price Guarantee

We don’t just work to save our clients money today, but we look to the future to ensure that they will continue to save money tomorrow. STK Networks guarantees the established contracted rates for the entire term agreement, regardless of any rate changes on telecom services that may come directly from the Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers. Our account managers review billing directly with clients to ensure that the applied rates are accurate and consistent.