Whether it be for employees on the move, employees working from home full time, or employees working on a hybrid schedule, it can be tricky translating your office work environment into a remote work environment. STK Networks has all the tools to ensure a seamless transition. Your company’s data security is important, so STK Networks delivers best-in-breed security for your employees connecting remotely.


With relationships with over 150 carriers, STK Networks can provide industry leading collaboration technology including HD Video, Messaging, and File Sharing. The key to effective collaboration in a remote environment is to keep your employees connected and informed as if they were in the office to avoid lags in productivity. Collaboration technology is very customizable to each customer and works with your existing cloud solutions.

Unified Communications as a Service

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS is an all-in-one cloud communications solution. Every company grows and transitions into new technology at different rates, UCaaS allows you to scale your business at the pace you’re comfortable with and add services as you go. UCaaS offers employees constant connection to enable real-time collaboration and decision making. UCaaS optimizes not only employee experience while working remote, but customer experience as well.