Private line services are also available through STK Networks. We offer a P2P Private Lines service that utilizes leased lines that support data and voice applications through the use of a dedicated point-to-point facility between client-specified locations. Because these lines are not part of the public networks, our clients gain access to exclusive connections that provide the highest level of security and privacy.

Some of the benefits associated with using Point-to-point Private Lines include:

  • Connecting branch offices to the home office
  • Optimum security and privacy for trading or brokerage applications
  • Increased business relations through instant access between company offices as well as suppliers and customers
  • Video image transmission in real-time to expedite professional consultations

P2P Private Lines are available in three distinct levels of service:

  • DSO – These circuits are designed to support analog data or voice via point-to-point private lines
  • DS1 – This service operates via a digital, full-duplex T1 service line
  • DS3 – This service provides high-speed capacity data and voice via a dedicated point-to-point digital connection

Our clients will benefit from the cost-cutting options associated with P2P Private Lines that make it extremely effective for video, data or voice applications while streamlining and improving batch file transfers between multiple site locations. This service also works to help clients establish an advanced pathway or foundation to help them evolve to a Frame Relay system.