Business Lines Local and Long Distance Services

The local and long distance services provided by STK Networks to our clients feature the most high-tech, cutting edge digital network available. Our network covers all outbound and inbound local, long distance and regional calling. Our services even cover dial-up Internet, facsimile and international calling as part of our local and long distance solutions.

Features available through our Business Lines local and long distance services include:

  • Free Yellow Pages and White Pages directory listings
  • Connections that include voice, Internet and fax
  • Local, long distance and regional direct access

Benefits of using our Business Lines local and long distance services include:

  • Flexibility to use the number of lines appropriate for each business solution and the ability to add more services, lines and features as needed
  • High-tech digital switches and lines which provide an extremely reliable network, which is monitored by our 24/7 team of professional technicians
  • Additional lines available for Internet access or fax services to ensure customer access without interruption

Centrex Services

STK Networks offers Centrex Services to our clients as an excellent solution for new businesses that are looking to establish an advanced, full-feature telecom system that will grow and adapt as the company evolves. This is a powerful option that even allows multiple location businesses to utilize a four-digit extension dialing option for free internal calling between locations. This solution option is extremely flexible, cost-effective and scalable for all voice communications, delivering a powerful, high-quality performance similar to a PBX-based solution.

Features available with Centrex Services include:

  • A single, straightforward billing solution for each line with itemized long distance charges
  • Standard line features also include four-digit extension dialing
  • Caller ID and CLASS system features, electronic phone sets and voice messaging options available

Benefits of using Centex Services include:

  • Locked-in competitive pricing available with no up-front charges for power, floor space or equipment
  • No operator required for internal calling with Direct Inward Dialing, employees are linked to one another using an intercom feature
  • 24/7 account monitoring and oversight ensures reliable service

PBX Trunk Services

A comprehensive of analog PBX Trunk Services are available that connect from our network to our client’s PBX. Internal calls can be placed to any location without having to use an operator with our Direct Inward Dialing service. Clients can choose the type and number of trunks needed to effectively conduct business and reduce costs.

Features available with PBX Trunk Services include:

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) PBX Trunk Services allow clients to place and receive internal calls direct via the public network without having to use an operator
  • Direct Outward Dialing (DOD) PBX Trunk Services allow clients to place outside calls direct using their own phones without having to use an operator
  • Direct Incoming PBX Trunks allow clients the option of having inbound calls route to an operator or attendant and be transferred to the proper person or department either live of using an automated service
  • Combination PBX Trunks allow for both outbound to be dialed directly and for inbound calls to route in through an operator or attendant for truly customized service

Benefits of using PBX Trunk Services include:

  • Competitive rates available through STK Networks helps to promote overall savings
  • Other cost-cutting options come from automatic handling of incoming and outgoing calls, which in turn increase productivity
  • 24/7 monitoring of central office switches by our professional team of experienced engineers and technicians