Integrated, simultaneous voice and data are available through ISDN digital access technology. The product available at STK Networks is ISDN PRI or Primary Rate Interface, which gives clients access to a 1.544Mbps digital transport facility via a single 64 Kbps Data (D) channel and 23 65Kbps Bearer (B) channels. Each of those B channels allows customers to integrate various digital access technology including video, image, data and traditional voice.

Clients can utilize many different features via ISDN PRI to enhance their overall telecom productivity, including call-by-call selection and caller ID. Additionally, the Primary Rate Interface improves clarity of all digital transmissions and high-speed data interfaces by providing sufficient and superior bandwidth.

Some of the features of ISDN PRI include:

  • Enhanced network services that are advanced and intuitive
  • Powerful back-up and disaster recovery solutions
  • Voice, modem and fax calls are handled simultaneously via the Primary Rate Interface
  • Call center application support, boosting the lifetime of the client’s existing PBX system
  • Multiple service functions
  • Voice or data support dynamically allocated via various channels as needed

One of the biggest benefits to using ISDN PRI over other products is that it utilizes the client’s existing infrastructure to enable all high-speed data and digital voice applications, reducing the number of trunks needed up to 30% and connection times and call set-up by up to 90%. ISDN PRI also helps to transfer large volumes of enhanced voice and digital data and guarantees the availability of two-way bandwidth for both voice and data telecom services.