Integrated T1 is a service offered by STK Networks that helps our clients to combine their high-speed Internet access with all of their traditional telecom voice services. The voice service options available for use with Integrated T1 also boast an optional Internet Protocol (IP) interface, which can work with either a T1, PRI or business line – including Centrex. As the client’s business needs change, the Integrated T1 service can be adapted to dynamically allocate more or less bandwidth as required.

Small and medium sized businesses can use our Integrated T1 to experience increased levels of flexibility and functionality that were once only available to large business with powerful, high-cost systems. Data, voice and Internet services can be fully integrated for our clients on a single T1 connection. This helps to reduce costs and improve productivity. The professional and experienced team of dedicated project managers, engineers and customer care staff at STK Networks can help to design a custom telecom solution using the Integrated T1 service, which also helps to provide our clients with a streamlined monthly bill that lists all charges for all lines and services.

Some of the features of STK Networks’ Integrated T1 service include:

  • 24/7 network monitoring by our experienced engineers and support staff
  • Optional Internet Protocol (IP) interface
  • Voice and Internet applications integrate via a single carrier-class network
  • Automatic shift of bandwidth between Internet and voice applications
  • Access speeds of up to 1.544Mbps regardless of how many voice lines are in-use

Benefits associated with an Integrated T1 service include the ability to select a custom voice calling plan, use of existing PBX, key system or phones and optional system features to increase functions across Centrex or PBX services. Integrated email and voice-mail systems streamline messaging and cost savings are achieved through the use of a single, integrated network. A single, monthly statement is provided to our clients as a means of improving the cost analysis and billing process. STK Networks combines all of the client’s long distance calling, local services, high-speed Internet access and call management within a single, easy to manage custom telecom network.