STK Networks provides a comprehensive Healthcare Telecom Services solution that is designed to completely address the specific issues of medical offices, hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities and other types of healthcare organizations. Our professional team of experienced project managers, engineers and customer care team help our healthcare industry clients to develop a custom telecom solution that will help them to work more efficiently and increase telecom savings. We have a full menu of Healthcare IT Solutions, products and services that are tailored specifically to the healthcare industry that will meet the needs of even the most particular operation.

Cost-Effective Networks

STK Networks starts increasing our clients’ telecom savings from the very beginning by using the customer’s existing data network to develop a more advanced data management solution with centrally managed lines and industry-specific programs and services.

MPLS Network Service
Local & Long Distance
Toll Free Services
Expense Management

Better Management = Increased Productivity

STK Networks provides our clients with better telecommunications management tools and programs to help increase productivity and overall efficiency.

  • Web-based billing management to reduce invoicing costs
  • Custom billing views for specific departments to streamline analysis and management
  • Order new services and manage tickets via our web-based monitoring center
  • Transparent billing solutions help our clients quickly identify needs and patterns for local, long distance and regional telecom spending

Unmatched Client Care and Support

STK Networks prides itself on its unmatched, superior customer care and support. Each client works with a dedicated team of project managers, engineers and customer care agents for a fully customized experience.

  • Single point-of-contact agents available 24/7/365
  • Clients work with dedicated project management and service care team
  • Web-based access for service and ticket monitoring status
  • Roll out schedule guarantee

Service & Support