Fixed Wireless connection provides STK Networks clients with a beneficial combination of cost savings and flexible high-speed wireless Internet access. The primary purpose of a Fixed Wireless connection is to enable data communications between sites are buildings.

An alternative to more costly high-speed connections like DSL or cable, Fixed Wireless replaces copper lines with advanced high-speed wireless technology to achieve robust Internet connections. Taking advantage of the speed and reliability afforded with 3G technology, Fixed Wireless allows users to access broadband Internet connections through the aggregation of multiple carrier signals to provide redundancy and reliability. This is particularly useful in rural areas or regions where wired telecommunications infrastructures are not yet available to provide high-speed Internet access.

Clients have the option to use our Fixed Wireless service as either a private or public-facing high-speed Internet access network for communicating with multiple business locations within the US. Optimized services are available to aid in critical point-of-sale authorizations and other bandwidth- and speed-intensive applications.

Some of the features available with STK Networks’ Fixed Wireless service include:

  • Project management
  • Equipment that is PCI compliant, enterprise grade and proprietary
  • A truly cost-effective solution from start to finish: activation, standard shipping and a flat monthly rate
  • 99.9% guaranteed service availability
  • Monitoring of RF health available at site-level
  • Custom design and consultation support including throughout the certification process, with ongoing support available 24/7/365

Benefits associated with a Fixed Wireless service account include full Ethernet connectivity. Absolutely no professional installation is required in order to implement the Fixed Wireless system, and most installs can occur within three days of ordering. We guarantee our services and back them up with a 24/7 health status monitoring network to keep your Fixed Wireless solution at optimum working level.

Our clients can enjoy cost savings through our low flat-rate monthly charge, which bundles monthly services and hardware costs into one easy-to-read bill. The Fixed Wireless service is extremely secure and can be deployed using a Layer 2 security option. It is even PCI and Visa complaint, ensuring better security and flexibility to increase overall productivity in the workplace.