STK Networks provides a transparent connection between the client’s Local Area Network (LAN) to multiple locations within an area with our Ethernet Service. Ethernet uses a constantly monitored fiber network to establish a seamless Wide Area Network (WAN) that can connect at Ethernet interfaces and LAN speeds of 10Mpbs, 100Mbps or even 10Gbps.

Ethernet networking can transfer data as fast as an internal LAN, giving speeds much higher than traditional private lines, ATM or frame delay. Clients can get this service for a flat rate monthly fee, which helps to boost telecom savings and eliminates per-use charges, increasing overall cost-effectiveness.

Comprehensive Security and Scalability

Through the use of the Ethernet Service Layer 2 attributes, STK Networks is able to provide an extremely high level of security for all data networking, giving our clients protection from latency issues and security breaches. Our clients can choose to interface with our private MPLS or public Internet access network at fast-paced Ethernet speeds, giving businesses the ability to increase their network speeds from 1Mbps to 10Gbps without having to invest in costly infrastructure upgrades.

Some of the features and benefits associated with Ethernet Service include:

  • A flat, monthly rate
  • Super fast Ethernet speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second
  • Clients can use existing hardware, eliminating the need to invest in new hardware
  • Ability to grow services and speeds to match business growth
  • Top notch security to protect data from latency issues and security breaches
  • Ideal solution for business that want to establish a WAN network

Some of the applications that can be used with Ethernet Service include:

  • Telecommuting programs
  • Collaboration applications and file archiving
  • Internet messaging and Web access
  • Database and other information sharing programs with back-up and transfers
  • High-speed data network access
  • IP Telephony services