As another means of cutting telecom services while delivering superior quality telecom services, STK Networks uses Digital PBX Service as an alternative to Analog PBX Service, giving clients a high-speed DS1 T1 connection between their PBX and our telecommunications network. Instead of making intensive, labor-drive hardware changes to the client’s PBX, we instead configure 24 voice channels to provide two-way, inbound or outbound trucks across a software product solution. Digital PBX Service allows clients to quickly make changes to their accounts in a much more cost-effective manner than with traditional, analog products.

Some of the features of Digital PBX include:

  • A very powerful and cost-effective back-up and recovery solution
  • Two-way Trunks, which allow the use of both inbound and outbound calls; inbound calls are routed via a specific station and outside lines are dialed directly
  • Outbound Trunks, which allow outside number dialing by individual users within the client’s business from their own phone without having to access an attendant console
  • Inbound Trunks, which allow each employee or department to receive direct calls without having to access an attendant console

One of the biggest benefits to using a Digital PBX Service is the overall increase to productivity seen by clients who utilize their current infrastructure to enable their digital voice applications. Because of this unique application, clients are able to lower costs and increase trunking efficiency by as much as 30% through total trunk reduction and dynamic allocation of channels to adapt to traffic pattern changes. The Digital PBX Service eliminates the use of high-cost Analog PBX Services and utilizes advanced features as a means of providing support call center applications, reducing call set-up and increasing connection time by as much as 90% overall.