It is important to have the ability to keep in touch with customers all over the world. Our clients demand the ability to have access to high-quality and low cost dedicated long distance services that will help them reach customers in-state, in other states and outside the country. STK Networks has a Dedicated LD T1 service which allows our clients to use dedicated 1.544Mbps optimum performance digital connections to place outbound long distance calls using our long distance network.

Our long distance T1 services also give clients with a large long distance usage to get lower usage rates than they would with other plans, assuring dedicated connections that feature improved reliability as well as increased security and privacy. This service is an excellent option for businesses that regularly work with long distance traffic and can be focused on a single point of service, such as tech support or customer service. Our Dedicated LD T1 service is a great choice for businesses that use call centers or other high traffic calling points, such as retail oriented businesses, finance services and healthcare facilities.

Some of the features associated with our long distance T1 services include:

  • International calling options without limits – anywhere, anytime, all over the globe
  • 24/7 telecom network management and account monitoring
  • Professional directory assistance and operator services
  • Cost-cutting low rates for intra- and inter-state calling
  • Additional security features to help keep lines secure and expenses under control

One of the biggest benefits to using a dedicated long distance service is the overall reduction in costs through the consolidation of all long distance communications through a dedicated line. Competitive rates are available through the Dedicated LD T1 plan for international calling, and our clients will appreciate the superior connections and overall performance enjoyed through the use of our T1 network. Above all, the added security and privacy associated with a direct connection to STK Networks’ long distance network is extremely beneficial to many of our clients.