STK Networks: We Make It Easy to Stay in Control

It can be difficult for large businesses to stay on top of their telecom services. What’s worse, many services make it hard to collect enough usable data from the multiple sources within the large network, due to limited resources and poor reporting tools.

STK Networks works diligently to identify each client’s existing voice and data lines, as well as their designations, collecting them into a central repository for all assets within our web-based management portal. This service helps our clients to better manage their accounts, giving them the data they require to monitor telecom inventory, cut overall telecom costs and track performance and usage. The reports provided to our clients are extremely detailed, yet very easy-to-read and use, making it simple to see at a glance where telecom spending can be reduced or fine-tuned.

Simply Powerful Control

Our professional management team begins by analyzing the existing telecom asset of each individual client and monitoring the data usage for each line, in order to properly assess the effectiveness of the customer’s current solution. Following migration to STK Networks, the team will work to monitor any changes made to the account compared to previous results.

Adjustments can then be made to help reduce telecom costs due to underused assets, changing voice and data solutions or even upgrading current local and long distance plans according to the client’s specific needs. As a result, our clients have full control over the management and customization of their telecom services accounts with STK Networks facilitating the changes and adjustments through the use of our powerful infrastructure and experienced staff of managers, engineers and service representatives.

In addition to initial set-up and ongoing portal management, our clients have access to a full set of tools that will help monitor their accounts for any questionable activity. Every single line and feature within our system is coded within the structure, making any unusual occurrence stand out transparently. This is a vital part of our system, as it gives our clients critical data about each line both in real-time and historically, helping to cut telecom costs and improve effectiveness.

Cutting Telecom Costs Now and in the Future

STK Networks understands that now, perhaps more than ever before, businesses are looking to not only cut telecom costs, but also to establish accurate spending forecasts. In addition to offering highly competitive rates for all of the telecom services we offer through our client solutions, we also guarantee that we will adhere to those contracted rates through the entirety of our agreements with each customer, regardless of market changes.

Another way STK Networks helps our clients to cut telecom costs is by fully integrating our system with our customers’ internal accounts payable systems through the use of custom coding. Clients can specify the dynamics of each criteria that is used to code this integration, or can choose to code either by /GL or store number, as a means of eliminating billing errors. Our comprehensive reporting program helps clients to view accurate spending forecasting and boosts the control that they will have over their own billing platform within our system.