STK Networks: Creating an Adaptable Telecom Infrastructure for Your Growing Needs

We work directly with our clients to design a custom telecom solution that will meet the needs of each individual client and will also give that client the tools they need to evolve and remain competitive in the future. The knowledge and experience of our creative and engineering teams helps to keep us ahead of the curve so we can anticipate growth and change within the industry.

The products and services that we provide to our clients, including both traditional and advanced telecom services, as well as the relationships we have established with the top 20+ telecom carriers in the industry, give us a huge advantage. They enable us to design a truly adaptable telecom infrastructure that can be integrated seamlessly into our client’s current business model.

Overcoming the Challenges of Telecom Management

Without the proper tools and support, it can be difficult to manage telecom solutions, no matter how well-designed, custom or advanced they might be. One of the biggest challenges is the loss of visibility into spend and sourcing services when working with multiple carriers across various processes. STK Networks understands these issues and helps to overcome common challenges before they even occur.

Our truly scalable telecom infrastructure helps us to intuitively care for our clients, securing a rock solid return on investment on their behalf. Our custom telecom solutions are designed to grow along with our client’s business as they move from a single store location to a multiple store chain. All of the products and services we provide are ready to be upgraded quickly to enable all of our client’s locations with identical telecom solutions. Through the use of our powerful web-based management center, clients can manage their telecom services through STK Networks for every location in minutes, making it easier than ever to expand and grow their business.

Cost-Effective Telecom Solutions

Everyone has a bottom line, and in the telecom industry, we understand that creating a cost-effective solution is important to our clients. Our team of professional project managers works directly with our clients to create scalable telecom solutions that are inherently cost-effective.

Our unique business trunking product helps clients to reduce the number of required lines through the optimization of the volume of concurrent calls. This product can be scaled up or down depending upon the call volumes as the client’s needs change. Business trunking is particularly beneficial to clients that have a call center or hospitals that may receive fluctuating call volumes.

Truly Custom Telecom Solutions

We believe that it is our responsibility to create the best possible telecom solutions for our clients. By helping them to assess their needs, we are able to suggest solutions that will help them to cut costs and streamline their operations. For example, a business can run several services, such as local, long distance, Internet and VoIP, on single circuit at the same time through the use of our Integrated T1.

Each client has individual preferences and needs. STK Networks works with our clients to develop truly custom telecom solutions that include all of the traditional, advanced or hybrid telecom services that will satisfy all their requirements.