STK Networks provides telecom solutions for Retail Service focused clients who need data and voice services in multiple retail locations. Our team of professional engineers and support staff have experience working with clients in the retail industry and can help build a custom telecom solution that will overcome the challenges faced by our clients who work in this market. Our menu of industry-specific products, services and solutions help our clients to boost their overall return on investment, increase productivity and reduce telecom costs.

Multiple Sites and Channels

STK Networks has a large offering of products and services that will help our clients to boost inter-connectivity between local, regional and long distance retail locations by integrating multiple channels and sites into a fully functional platform.

Local & Long Distance
MPLS Network Service
P2P Private Lines

Effective Campaign Management Tools

The tools provided through STK Networks Retail Services accounts help to build a comprehensive campaign management system.

  • Our solutions help to optimize retail marketing campaigns
  • Custom call routing based on incoming call location

Toll Free Services
Remote Call Forwarding

Cost-Effective Account Management

STK Networks provides account management and billing solutions that help to boost cost-effectiveness and reduce overall telecom costs.

  • Web-based usage reports and detailed billing
  • Inventory and plan optimization tools
  • Advanced voice solutions help optimize call volume
  • Management tools fully integrate with clients’ account payable systems for streamlined billing, monitoring and analysis


Top Notch Customer Care

  • Single point-of-contact management team available 24/7/365
  • Clients work with a dedicated team of project managers, engineers and customer care staff
  • Web-based access to monitoring service calls and ticket status
  • Roll out schedule guarantee

Efficient Account Management

  • Retail services feature end-to-end telecommunications management
  • Competitive, guaranteed contract rate pricing
  • Client-specified custom coding for increased cost-effectiveness and monitoring
  • Streamlined, single e-invoice covering all telecom services for each individual line