STK clients have the ability to reduce telecom costs through the use of our virtual remote call forwarding services. Traditional analog remote call forwarding is achieved through the use of call paths that are dedicated to specific phone numbers that are not shared between the lines. Our remote call forwarding service allows our clients to share dynamically allocated paths between groups of phone numbers. This not only helps to cut telecom costs, but also benefits franchisor customers who want to retain control over call routing to franchisees as well as to customers that utilize local access numbers for multiple locations and handle low volumes of simultaneous calls.

Other benefits of our remote call forward services include:

  • Advanced features such as time-of-day routing, announcements, sequential ring, find-me/follow-me, etc.
  • Increased flexibility and account control
  • Improved network usage due to aggregated call paths across all RCFs and no busy signals
  • 99.999% availability built on an extremely reliable VoIP platform
  • Ability to easily upgrade to more advanced telecom products such as Hosted PBX, call center operations and Hosted IVR