Innovative Technology and Intuitive Telecommunications

STK Networks has the unique ability to deliver advanced telecom solutions through the integration of our powerful infrastructure and our carefully maintained relationships with the top 20+ US-based telecom carriers. These solutions provide our clients with the opportunity to network multiple telecom services into a single, streamlined operation. In addition to these services, we also provide methods to help clients improve their own business structure, decrease costs and manage their accounts.

The Technology Behind Our Telecom Services

Our professional and experienced team of engineers, customer service representatives and agents work around the clock to bring our clients the best and most dynamic solutions available. The technology behind our telecom services is what helps us to create our custom solutions.

  • STK Networks has established solid, working relationships with over 20 top telecom carriers, including all of the CLECs, IXCs and RBOCs.
  • STK Networks partners with leading hardware providers to build infrastructures that are cost-effective, cutting edge and secure.
  • STK Networks is what is known as a Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) carrier, which means we integrate our network with Tier 1 carriers, giving our clients the best options available nationwide.
  • STK Networks provides a full lineup of hosted voice and data telecom services that can be customized to create a unique package solution without increasing costs or compromising on service.
  • STK Networks gives our clients access to an online portal where they can follow up on open tickets or contact our customer service team.
  • STK Networks works directly with carriers to ensure quick identification and repair of technical issues.
  • STK Networks actively monitors the system continuously to ensure high-quality performance, account tracking and network operations.

What Our Clients Can Expect at STK Networks

Professional companies are looking to get much more from their telecom services than ever before. STK Networks understands that each client has unique and individual requirements, many of which demand very flexible and advanced telecom solutions. Our goal is work with each client to discover their immediate needs and help address them in the best way possible, while anticipating future growth and expansion.

Once the custom solution is in place, our clients can expect to get the most out of our telecom services through the use of real-time change requests implemented throughout our system, call volume optimization and other tools that will help to improve reliability and accuracy. Our clients can utilize multiple monitoring and management products to track voice and data usage and spending. Above all, we strive to make all of these tools easy to use and quick to read, giving our clients immediate access to information that will help them to manage their accounts more thoroughly.