The MyWiFi Hotspot service available through STK Networks gives our clients access to the largest, most reliable 3G/4G network in the country, delivering superior mobile broadband connectivity and WiFi capabilities. The overall mobile broadband experience is enhanced through the use of the MyWiFi Hotspot, establishing a wireless hub that allows for high-speed Internet access by five distinct WiFi devices at once.

The MyWiFi Hotspot device itself weighs just a couple of ounces, uses a rechargeable battery and is small in size, making it perfect for business travel or off-site access when away from traditional hotspots. This is an excellent option for businesses that need a portable wireless high-speed Internet solution.

Some of the features associated with the MyWiFi Hotspot include:

  • Connect automatically with the auto-connect feature
  • Connect easily using access manager feature
  • Small size and weight makes it extremely portable
  • Master re-set and power buttons available
  • USB mode allows for 2-way text messaging
  • USB port is Type A compatible via microUSB cable (included)
  • Powerful download and simultaneous upload capabilities
  • Up to 5 devices connect via 802.11 b/g WiFi mode