STK Networks offers advanced ISDN technology through our ISDN BRI service. ISDN works to integrate data and voice applications simultaneously through the use of digital access technologyISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) is almost three times as fast as a standard 56Kbps dial-up telecom line and uses a standard pair of twisted cables.

Two different types of channels are used with ISDN BRI: one 16Kbps D (Data) channel and two 64Kbps B (Bearer) channels. Each B channel allows for the integration of data and voice applications. Because of its unique dynamics, ISDN BRI provides extremely clear and reliable high speed data interfaces and overall digital transmission.

Some of the features associated with our ISDN BRI services include:

  • Bandwidth works the same in both directions with full-duplex operation
  • Quick Internet connectivity without dial-up model delays
  • Data and voice transmissions are supported simultaneously
  • 64Kbps mode available through circuit switching for data and voice transmissions

Clients who choose ISDN BRI services will enjoy immediate telecom savings through the use of existing phone lines and packet data networks which can be easily converted for ISDN services in most cases and international support of dialed digital connections. ISDN gives each client dedicated bandwidth for more secure and consistent telecommunications, higher quality data connections and clearer voice connections.