Our Frame Relay service provides connectivity between multiple business locations across corporate Local Area Networks (LANs) for a high-performance packet data network that yields cost savings over other comparable telecom solutions. Cost reductions are available through the use of a closed network instead of private lines with transmission links only being used on an as-needed basis, transmitting variable size frames at much lower speeds.

Some of the features associated with STK Networks‘ Frame Relay services include:

  • Data traffic burst handling through the use of bandwidth-on-demand
  • Ability to effectively manage changes in location, site and applications
  • Back-up network available for important private line linking
  • Integration of LAN-based apps on a more cost-effective network, such as email or document sharing
  • Flexibility to allot higher levels of bandwidth permanently via specific circuits without costly upgrades to hardware
  • Low delay, high throughput for critical real-time applications and data transmissions
  • More efficient than private lines, yielding speeds between 56Kbps and 1.544Mbps through the Wide Area Network (WAN)

Frame Relay helps businesses to cut telecom costs through the use of flat monthly rates, redundant network components and automatic alternate routing features. Our professional customer care staff and 24/7 network management features provide increased availability and reliability.